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Type with words! All students can be writers! Recite makes it easy to help students type one word at a time to increase independence, boost confidence, and promote success while teaching early literacy skills.

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Quickly build activities

Recite enables caregivers, teachers, and service providers to quickly build activities tailored to support their struggling or emergent writers build sentences one word at a time and meet their unique needs. Use our sample activities with sentence lists or customize them. Bulk upload your own sentence lists to create brand new activities in seconds!

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Type your sentence with the words below

Clip art of a panda bear













Audio feedback

As students tap each word to type it into the document, they will hear a male or female voice speak the word. Likewise, when they finish the sentence, the app will read the sentence out loud to increase proofreading skills and reinforce comprehension.

Differentiated support

Recite offers caregivers, teachers, and service providers the opportunity to customize the app. Choose the level of support that works for each child. Word buttons can be shuffled or set to "forced order" for an errorless way to type sentences. By changing the model sentence and word button options, several levels of support can be used to scaffold success.

Clip Art of cute animal drinking a beverage
Clip art of a campfire
Clip art of children jumping rope
Clip art of rocket ship
Clip art of cute animal listening to music

Customizable visual supports

Add a picture to each sentence to increase interest and personalize activities! Recite offers a bank of clip art images or users can upload their own from the iPad photo library or take one with the iPad’s camera. Early writers can tap the picture to add it to their document as they write.

Customizable Fonts

Customize the look and feel of the app with different fonts. There are serious fonts and playful fonts for you to choose from. The choice is yours!



Change the app theme.

Add a splash of color by changing the theme color, which increases visual contrast and interest for students. Check out our theme colors!


Sync with Google Drive

Sign into your Google Drive through Recite to import or export activities.

Export & print activities

Export final writing assignments as PDFs which can easily be printed and displayed. Share activities with other Recite users via Google Drive.

Flexible Pricing

Start helping your students achieve writing independence today!

1-4 Users

Each License

$50 / year


5+ Users

Each License

$35 / year


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Have questions about the app and how it can help your child, school, or organization? Send us an email at the email address below and we’ll be in touch with you.

Meet the team

Hi there! We’ve all worked hard on bringing this product to fruition and are happy to share it with you.

Picture of Ritesh

Ritesh Patel


Ritesh Patel is one of the core founders of Recite Learning. He has 25+ years of experience in various technologies and loves all aspects of software development. He is an automation expert for major cloud platforms. He absolutely loves to code and build products. Ritesh also runs his own consultancy at In the evening hours he teaches kids how to code: yes, he nurtures the future code ninjas! In his free time you can find him hiking in our beautiful national parks. He lives in Maryland but loves to hike in Utah, Colorado & Arizona, yes Zion is one of his favorite National Parks!

Picture of Arjun

Arjun Patel

Product Design Consultant

Arjun Patel is a product designer and software engineer currently based out of Orlando, Florida. He is a designer above all else, who prioritizes user experience and pays great attention to detail. There is nothing that gets under his skin more than a poorly designed product. He also loves to code, making him a very well-rounded individual, who can conceptualize, design, engineer, and deploy digital products. He is ambitious and is always looking for new problems to solve and challenges to take on. Feel free to contact him and nerd out over design.

Our educational advisors

It's hard to design a product like without having some input from individuals who have more knowledge on our users than we do. In order to design & build this app we relied on the expertise and experience of our educational advisors.

Picture of Amy

Amy Boehman-Pollitt

Educational Advisor

Amy Boehman-Pollitt has been an Assistive Technology Specialist in Maryland for the last 7 years. She started her career twenty-three years ago as an elementary classroom teacher teaching first and third grades. Since then she has worked as a Teacher Specialist for Instructional Technology for 6 years before moving into her role with the Assistive Technology Department. In addition, she teaches instructional and assistive technology graduate courses for Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD. Amy has presented at local, state, and national conferences (including ISTE, MATN, Common Ground and UCET) on a variety of instructional technology best practices. Educational equity is one of Amy’s driving beliefs, where each child receives what he or she needs to develop his or her full academic and social potential. Because of this, she advocates for teachers to use Universal Design for Learning and Blended Learning practices in their classroom instruction. These two areas provide opportunities for student choice while having multiple means of expression, representation, action and engagement.